AA Security Services supply static guards, mobile patrols, store detectives, private investigators and more...

Security Services

AA security services cover all aspects of commercial and residential security for our clients in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford and the surrounding counties of Cork, Tipperary and Wexford. Services that our security company provide include:

1. Static guards
2. Mobile patrols
3. Retail security guards
4. Store detectives
5. Reception officers
6. Car park attendants
7. Key holding service
8. Emergency window / door repairs
9. All construction site services
1O. Free security audits carried out for all clients
11 All sport events catered for

As a welcome additional bonus, with professional security in place, clients may find that insurance bills are greatly reduced thus paying for the security service.

Static Guards
A uniformed security guard used mainly as a deterrent carries out regular patrols for security, safety, fire and loss prevention. This is a high visible form of security for the protection of your goods, staff and customers alike.

Mobile Patrols
A uniformed Security officer driving a 4x4 vehicle will call to your premises at times agreed with you and will inspect your premises for any signs of damage, break in or for any other problems what so ever.

Retail Security
A uniformed security officer working within a shop or where members of the public come to purchase goods. Again this is mainly a deterrent and part of the security person's job is to maintain a high degree of visibility around the shop/premises and escort takings to the bank.

Store Detective
A plain clothes security officer, usually with a radio link to management, who will blend into the background and intermingle with your customers to catch and detain any would be offenders until the Gardai arrive.

Our security company is based in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland.
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